Channel Vs Pave Setting: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

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Pave and channel settings are two popular options in engagement rings. Both these ring designs come with small gemstones set on the band of the ring. The brilliance created by these extra stones can offer a stunning allure for your ring.

Both pave and channel settings have their own features and so, choosing between them can be a hard task for you. Therefore, we list some of the important properties associated with each of these settings so that you can choose the best option.

Channel Setting

The channel setting offers a sleek and modern appearance for your ring. This setting can be used for engagement rings as well as wedding bands.

As the name suggests, the channel setting involves embedding small stones set inside a channel that is cut into the band of the ring. Here, the diamonds will be set in a row inside the channel. Circular diamonds are the commonly preferred option for channel settings, but other diamond shapes like squares and rectangles can also be used in this setting to offer a distinct look for your engagement ring.

The stones set inside the channel will be smaller than that of the center stone thereby creating a perfect symmetry. They can be much more affordable than getting big diamonds, especially, if you choose lab grown diamonds.

Pros Of Channel Setting: Channel setting offers better protection for your gemstones as they are secured using a channel made within the band. Here, the small stones won’t be protruding out of the channel, hence, this setting can prevent your smaller diamonds from catching on things like dress.

Channel setting creates an excellent option for you if you tend to work a lot with your hands. The channel that holds the small diamonds makes it a durable option when compared to pave settings.

Cons Of Channel Setting: Cleaning your channel-set ring can be difficult, as dirt can easily get trapped between the channel. Additionally, resizing this ring can be extremely difficult and costly.

Pave Setting

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

This setting also involves stones set on the band, but here, the stones are held using small prongs instead of a channel. As the small stones are set very closely, the band of your ring will be hardly visible.

Pros Of Channel Setting: Offer better visibility for your small stones thereby enhancing their brilliance. Your pave ring can look extra shiny because of the small stones covering the entire surface area of the band.

Cons Of Channel Setting: Cleaning and maintaining this ring can be difficult because of the large number of small gemstones involved. Additionally, the small prongs holding diamonds can get loose over time which can increase the chance of losing them.

So make sure to consider the benefits and drawbacks of the channel and pave settings before choosing between them.

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