Benefits And Drawbacks Of Lab Grown Diamonds

Value Of Lab-Grown Diamonds
Value Of Lab-Grown Diamonds
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Lab-grown diamonds are now gaining wide popularity and acceptance among people. Even a lot of celebrities are now promoting man-made or synthetic diamonds for their high ethical standards. Lab grown diamonds are also favored by people for their lower price ranges in comparison with mined diamonds. Therefore, these stones can be an affordable and ethical choice for engagement rings.

However, many people are not very fond of lab-grown diamonds, as they lack the sentimental value attached to the natural diamonds that are formed under the earth over millions and billions of years.

If you are confused about whether to get lab-created diamonds or natural ones, then we list some of the benefits and drawbacks of these synthetic stones so that it will be easy for you to make your decision.

Benefits Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds come with a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

They Are Affordable: The price of synthetic diamonds can be 15-50% lower than natural ones. This can help you get a stunning engagement ring without going beyond your budget.

The price of these stones can increase based on their quality. Similar to natural diamonds, lab grown stones can also come with different flaws including inclusions, color, and blemishes.

A lab-grown diamond with high-quality grades can be more costly than a natural diamond with lower quality grades. Therefore, you have to consider this fact before getting lab-created diamonds.

They Are Eco-Friendly And Ethically Sourced: Man-made diamonds are free of the severe environmental impacts created by the mining of natural diamonds. Additionally, they can also help to avoid human rights violations and social issues associated with diamond mining.

Drawbacks Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Even though a lot of benefits are linked with lab-created diamonds, they come with certain negative impacts too. They lack the history and symbolism of natural diamonds. A lot of people love mined diamonds for their natural origin. But this cannot be associated with synthetic diamonds that are created inside a laboratory.

Additionally, the value of lab-grown diamonds can significantly reduce after the purchase when compared to natural diamonds. They have very little resale value, hence, cannot be seen as an investment.

Also, lab-created stones might not be as environmentally-friendly as they claim to be. Massive amounts of energy are needed to create the high pressure and temperature required for the formation of lab-grown diamonds.

Therefore, when contemplating whether to get natural or lab-grown diamonds, make sure to go through the positives and negatives of this stone to determine whether they can be apt for you.

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