Which Diamond Cuts Are Expensive?

Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Jewellery
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The price of diamonds can greatly vary based on their cut. There are different cuts used in diamonds that can offer them different shapes. Therefore, knowing about different diamond shapes can help you to get the right option for you based on your budget. While some diamond shapes are affordable, some others are very costly. The following are some expensive diamond shapes that you have to know:

Round Brilliants

Round diamonds are known for their fiery sparkle that cannot be matched by any other diamond shape. Round diamonds are the most commonly used diamond shape in jewelry, hence, they have a great demand.

Additionally, when these diamonds are cut, a major portion of the rough stone will be lost as waste. These factors contribute to the huge price ranges associated with round diamonds. This diamond shape is the most expensive shape among diamonds. Therefore, you will have to spend a huge amount to get them.

However, the round shape of diamonds is preferred by most people for their jewelry, as they offer a classic look along with a stunning sparkle. If round natural diamonds are not affordable for you, then you can go for lab grown diamonds that can be almost 40% less costly than natural ones. Hence, this synthetic version of diamonds can be a wonderful low-cost alternative to natural diamonds. As lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds, you don’t have to worry about people identifying your synthetic diamonds.

Princess Diamonds

The second most popular diamond shape is the princess cut which is known for its contemporary look. Princess-cut diamonds also exhibit exceptional brilliance. It can be a modern alternative to the traditional round brilliants because of its square shape and sharp corners.

Princess-cut diamonds can be more prone to chipping in comparison with round diamonds because of their pointed corners.

Princess diamonds retain more of the rough stone during their cutting when compared to round diamonds, so they are less costly than the latter. However, princess diamonds can be still costly because of their stunning brilliance and great popularity.

Oval Diamonds

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds can be a wonderful option for people who want a unique alternative to round brilliants. This diamond shape is considered an elongated version of round diamonds, and oval diamonds can create great brilliance.

Even though oval diamonds can be less expensive than their round counterparts, they can still cost you a fortune.

If these diamond shapes are not affordable for you, then you can consider less expensive options like emerald or Asscher-cut diamonds that are affordable but create a beautiful option for your engagement rings.

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