A Guide On Choosing The Best Diamond Color

Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Jewellery
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

As you may know, color is one of the most important characteristics that decide the grade of a diamond. Just like how a higher cut, clarity, and carat grade increase the price of a diamond, you will have to pay more for diamonds with higher color grades.

In this article, we are discussing the color grade of a diamond. If you are shopping for a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, this guide can come in handy.

About Diamond Color

At first glance, diamonds look colorless, but the fact is that natural diamonds are rarely colorless. Color grades of colorless and fancy colored diamonds are different. As you can imagine, zero or minimal color shade is desirable for a colorless diamond whereas fancy-colored diamonds require higher color intensity.

The color grading of a colorless diamond ranges from D to Z, with D representing the most colorless grade and color shade increases when the color grade increases to Z. The color grades from D to F are referred to as colorless diamonds, grades from G to J as near-colorless, grades from K to M as faint yellow, grades N to R as very light yellow, and grades S to Z as light yellow.

Choosing The Diamond Color

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Without proper tools and professional training, you cannot tell apart different color grades just by observation. But the difference in color grades does make a huge difference in their price.

Keep in mind that buying a diamond of color grade D is extremely expensive and they are very difficult to find too. There is no point in spending that much for higher color grades. Our motive should be to find a diamond that looks colorless to the naked eyes. If you want a high color grade and an affordable price, you can consider lab-grown diamonds. Read below to find out how to choose your diamond color.

According To The Accent Stone Color

If your ring has accent diamonds, make sure that the center diamond and the accent stones have similar color grades. A significant color change between them is easily noticeable.

According To The Band’s Color

Before selecting your diamond’s color grade, you should have an idea of what is your preference for the ring metal and color. You can go easy on the color grade of your diamond if you are selecting yellow or rose gold. A diamond having color grades between J and K can look colorless in rose or yellow gold.

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