Deciding The Right Diamond Shape To Choose

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes ranging from the traditional round brilliants to unique oval and heart-shaped diamonds. Hence, it is possible for you to choose a shape that catches your eyes and heart. But how to know which diamond shape can suit you best. If you are wondering about the right diamond shape for your engagement ring, then this article might be helpful for you, as we list some of the best diamond shapes and their properties.

Round Brilliants

Being the most popular shape in engagement rings, round brilliants create a classic and traditional choice for brides. This specific diamond cut is known for its unmatchable brilliance and shine. Round diamonds are made to sparkle with their 58 facets. These stones can be suitable for everyone and they can be set in a wide variety of ring settings.

However, round brilliants are very costly and they look smaller than many other diamond shapes with the same carat weight. But if you want round brilliants for more affordable rates, then it is possible for you to get lab grown diamonds. They are cheaper than natural diamonds and have a conflict-free origin.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds create a stunning way to offer an elongated look for your fingers. Oval-cut diamonds are the modified version of round brilliants and they create a similar sparkle.

Oval diamonds can have the “bow-tie” effect that can result in uneven light distribution. So when choosing oval diamonds for your engagement ring, make sure to choose stones that do not exhibit this effect.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

These diamonds create an option for people who want a contemporary shape for their engagement rings. Princess diamonds also create a stunning brilliance and they offer a distinct shape for engagement rings.

But the sharp corners of princess-cut stones make them more vulnerable to chipping. Hence, if you get princess diamonds, make sure to choose a protective setting that can minimize the risk of chipping.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

They are a great option for people who want a vintage look for their engagement ring. These diamonds can have a square shape with cut corners. But their brilliance can be low in comparison with the above diamond shapes.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

These diamonds create an elegant shape for engagement rings with their long, sophisticated lines. But these stones tend to show imperfections more clearly than many other diamond shapes.

Other popular choices in diamond shapes are:

  • Radiant-cut diamonds
  • Asscher-cut diamonds
  • Marquise-cut diamonds
  • Pear-cut diamonds
  • Heart-shaped diamonds

Every diamond cut has its own specialties and features. So you can choose a shape based on the look you want for your engagement rings.

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