When Do Jewelers Not Recommend Resizing?

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The resizing of a ring is typically an easy process for jewelers. They can size up or down your ring so that it can properly fit your fingers. For sizing up, the jewelers will have to add some additional metal to expand the band, whereas, sizing down requires removing a small portion of the metal.

But there are certain circumstances where a jeweler might recommend against resizing. The following are some of the common reasons why jewelers might refuse to resize your ring:

The Ring Really Cannot Be Sized

Even though most rings can be resized without any problem, there are some metals and designs that cannot be touched. If the rings are made from unconventional materials like resin, wood, jade, and ceramic, they can be difficult to cut and bend. So before getting rings made of these materials, it is extremely important to ensure that they are of the right size.

Some rings come with stones set on the band’s entire circumference. These rings cannot be resized, as the amount of metal exposed for the jewelers to work on will be low. If you have such a ring, then your jeweler might advise against resizing it. But you can try sizing beads or rings to adjust the size of these rings to fit your hands properly.

It Is Made Of An Atypical Metal

Rings made of some alternative metals like stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium are difficult to resize. These metals usually have high hardness. So it can be difficult to adjust their size under normal circumstances.

Most jewelers won’t have the necessary equipment that is required to heat and cut rings made of these metals. So they will pass the resizing works of such rings.

The Design Is Complex

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Some rings will come with a lot of delicate designs and a large number of stones. Diamond rings with complex designs are very hard to resize. Also, if they have a lot of natural or lab grown diamonds set on the band, resizing can damage them thereby creating a great loss. So jewelers might refuse to resize such rings.

You Have To Up Or Down Too Many Sizes

Adjusting one or two sizes is normally possible. But if you have to go too many sizes up or down, then it can be extremely difficult.

In these circumstances, resizing a ring might not be possible. But your jeweler might be able to recommend some others measures like sizing beads to adjust these types of rings.

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