All You Need To Know About The Bezel Setting

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Black Diamond Bezel Ring
Black Diamond Bezel Ring

You see hoards of brides opting for the bezel setting these days, and for good reason. Both modern and durable, they give you the kind of ring which holds the diamond within a bespoke narrow metal rim that surrounds the outer side of the stone, so that the latter stays secure while you’re showing off its beauty.

This is different from the prong setting, which is a bit delicate by comparison and also exposes the diamond’s sides. The bezel setting offers more protection and at the same time gives the ring a modern and sleek appearance.

Full Bezel vs. Partial Bezel

A full or complete bezel surrounds the diamond completely. The one drawback such a setting has is that it does not let in much light from the sides, so the diamond would sparkle less than if it were set within a traditional prong. A partial bezel, meanwhile, leaves the sides of the stone open, so that more light enters through the sides.

Both the full bezel and the half bezel are capable of holding your diamond securely, and each is a good go-to if you want to focus on stone safety. This is generally the case for people who use their hands a lot, especially at work.

The Bezel Fits Every Style

The bezel setting can be crafted to accommodate just about any diamond shape, although it works best in tandem with the Round Cut. The latter is a broad term that covers a family of styles ranging from solitaire to vintage. The bezel setting has a simple and clean design that makes the diamond look equally simple, but also elegant in its own way.


Bezel Set Princess Cut Diamond Rings
Bezel Set Princess Cut Diamond Rings
  • As already mentioned, the bezel setting holds the diamond in a highly secure fashion compared to a prong setting, or even other settings. There is a custom-fit rim closely holding the center diamond, ensuring the latter does not fall off the ring.
  • The bezel setting delivers a stylish and modern look that is distinct from what other engagement ring settings can offer. If you’re big on modern jewelry, the bezel setting might just be the best choice you can make ring-wise.
  • As we said, bezel set princess cut diamond rings promise durability, which is great for people with an active lifestyle. The ring is effectively durable in every sense.
  • A black diamond bezel ring, for example, does not snag on clothing or similar material. And since there are no prongs involved, you don’t need to be worried about warping or damage in case you bump the ring against a hard surface.

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