Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When lab-created diamonds came to the jewelry market, people viewed the stone with a bit of skepticism. They considered whether lab grown diamonds were real or fake and had the same brilliance and shine as their mined counterparts. Today, however, engagement rings set with lab-created diamonds are popular as well as available in an array of styles, cuts and shapes. Keep reading for more information regarding lab diamonds.

How Are These Diamonds Created?

A diamond is also created in a sophisticated laboratory environment. The laboratories can make the same kind of pressure that it takes for a diamond to form naturally below the Earth’s surface. Manufacturers have been capable of mimicking the conditions deep under that surface to make the appropriate environment for growing diamond crystals.

It takes years for diamonds to form naturally, but laboratories can make the stone in a matter of weeks. Renewable energy and zero-emission plants are used to make several lab diamonds, which make these more eco-friendly than their mined counterparts.

Are They Real Diamonds?

To cut the long story short, yes. Lab-made diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. The two forms of diamonds are so identical that only an expert can tell them apart with high-end equipment.

How Do They Differ From Mined Diamonds?

The distinction between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds is in how these are formed. The latter diamonds are developed below the earth’s surface through extreme pressure and heat. On the other hand, lab diamonds are artificial and made in a laboratory with the same conditions as those required for natural diamonds.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Lab Diamond Ring?

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

As with any other major investment, you must do your due diligence before making the purchase. A trusted retailer may offer you a detailed FAQ page that highlights where and how their lab diamonds are created and what practices they exercise.

Lab diamonds have the same properties as mined diamonds, so the same characteristics of clarity, carat weight, color and cut are used to grade them. Engagement rings with lab diamonds are available in a variety of settings, metals and styles to make the products suit all sorts of aesthetics. After discovering your dream engagement ring, it is vital for you to look at its laboratory certification as well. There are many other factors to think about when investing in lab diamond rings as well.

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